Thursday 30 October 2014

A fair road start to the week

This is the first week in a longer pair and I've made a reasonable start. On Tuesday I ran a 12km loop through Dore, a route I've used for 15 months or so now. The pace was manageable although I let my pulse rise on the ascent to Hathersage Road. My timings were considerably slower than I managed at the start of the year when I worked to complete the loop in under an hour. With hindsight though those achievements were maybe too close to a race pace and not something to be repeated week after week.

Wednesday's circuit was taken by Alice and was therefore rather more intense than I'm used to. It included lots of squats and lunges within the aerobic section and I was aware that my knees were a little sensitive. That's a clear step forwards though considering that I'd run on Tuesday and not slowed on the descents.

Today I can tell that I have exercised my knees but they are not painful. Thursday and Friday will be rest days so hopefully by the time I do a long run at the weekend I'll be recovered from these activities.

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