Saturday 18 October 2014

Half round

This morning I ran the south eastern part of the Sheffield Roundwalk as doing the whole route would have been too much for my current programme. The weather was unseasonably mild with predicted temperatures of 18 degrees. Nonetheless the tress can tell that it is autumn.

Contains nuts
For a long run I aimed to keep my heart rate below 140bpm but did spot that on occasion I exceeded this by not walking all ascents. I can find a gentle pace on slight gradients that's fine but I can't always tell when the slope should be walked. I also tried to keep good form, standing tall whenever I remembered that I must and lifting my feet on descents. As I approached the end of the run I was aware of both knees (is it better that both are fatigued?) but pleased that I'd passed the point where I was forced to a walk last March. Once the run was loaded onto Strava I was amazed to see 4 achievements showing that despite my efforts to complete a Long Slow Day the pace was much as before. This is my longest week for many months so some soreness and muscle fatigue is probably expected especially as it appeared I hadn't been as slow as I might have thought I was.

After a little trip to the shops and a few hours at home there's clear irritation in the left patellar tendon but hopefully it'll settle over the coming days. Next week is a rest week and I'll aim to focus on the drills rather than time on my feet.

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