Saturday 25 October 2014

Saturday running group

Today was another opportunity to restart an activity. It's many months since I've been out with the Old Men's Running Group either because I was doing longer runs, or unfit to run. As this is a rest week it seemed appropriate to do 12km with them at a sensible, although not slow, pace. The weather was beautiful too. A lightly clouded sky with  a bright sun, cool although not cold. Perfect I suppose. 

I joined the fast group but they were feeling under the weather a little too so were happy to take it a little easier than normal. Indeed one of them sounded terribly overtrained to me. Few rests, lots of spinning classes at a high intensity and an inability to record good times despite pushing hard. Sounds to be a classic case!

 I let my heart rate rise on Porter Clough and a couple of other shot ascents on the basis that it wasn't a 'long run'  although the general pace was well below historical ones for me. On the descent of a steep bank I practically walked as I didn't want to overload my quads and knees.

Overall it went well an ended up as a medium intensity 15km run. That brings the week to 20km which must be the limit. Some drill might be a good idea tomorrow evening if time permits.

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