Saturday 19 September 2015

Just beyond the woods

After the Intro UTPD I've been keeping running at a low level to try to get some recovery in my ankle. Earlier this week after the orienteering (which itself came a day after ankle exercises) it was sore and I felt I was heading backwards. Surprisingly though after running to circuits and doing a fair few bare foot exercises the ankle was loads better. That was clear whilst walking gin and out of work too. So perhaps it improves with 'low drop' effort?

This morning I trialled that possibility by doing a slow loop, though the woods and just beyond, in the Roclite 295s that have only 6mm drop. A month ago I suspected that a recce run in these shows around Win Hill had upset the ankle, but this run was on a different scale. Shorter and nothing steep!

The good news is that the ankle felt fine during the run, my toes didn't seem so disturbed and now, a few hours later it is still OK. I have done some rolling and writing this has just reminded me thatI should roll the plantar fascia with a tennis ball.

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