Thursday 4 February 2016

January 2016 Week 2 Session 3

It's been a light week of running as I don't feel very well (I'm blaming a late effect of radiotherapy) but swimming seems fine. I'm even wondering if the medication is giving me an edge!

A PB length, good stroke count too!
Today's fast/slow sets went well. In the first set I managed 3 lengths at a 2:00min/100m pace whilst in the second set I was 10% slower but still managed to achieve a distinction between lengths. As required by the plan, I made an effort to keep a long stroke on both slow and fast lengths. Previously greater-effort lengths have suffered from a high arm turnover and little improvement in pace. Today I managed to go faster whilst keeping the stroke count down. As usual it increased even as pace fell as I tired but early lengths showed promise. A two minute 100m is in reach.

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