Saturday 20 February 2016

January 2016 Week 4

This week's swims have tended to be cut short due to a clash with some other event in the pool. Nonetheless I've made a fair effort and completed the core of the three routines. Today was session 3, with 2 sets of alternating fast and slow lengths. The second set was a bit scrappy but the first was good.

Pace is blue and strokes/length in mustard
I managed to get a clear demarcation between my fast and slow lengths and the fast ones were nearly all under 2:10min/100m. The 8 minute time trial is still a bit away! Importantly, I managed to keep my stroke length as shown by the consistent strokes/length. The faster pace was a little slower than I have done recently but those 'records' were at the expense of shorter strokes. This is getting closer to the goal.

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