Monday, 29 February 2016

January 2016 Week 6 Session 1

I managed to leave work early enough to do the routine before the Triathlon Club have their training session and the pool becomes a maelstrom. In previous weeks I've been getting gradually faster in the 200m warm-up and today I made a step improvement in achieving a time of 5:14 minutes; it's not so long ago that I was thrilled to beat 5:30 minutes! I know it's supposed to be a warm up but a gradual effort seems to be repaid.

The main section of 7 sets of 400m was hard going, as last week and I tired distinctly  through the hour. I was also very aware of the current in the pool and it's shown nicely in the data.

This is constant effort...
These length paces and strokes/length look just like  my fast/slow data. Luckily I'm now doing those pairs so this effect can be dissected out. My reduction in pace and stroke power is obvious across this 1600m excerpt, not too bad within each 400m set though.

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