Friday 9 December 2016

Week 9 Session 2 (half of it!)

I was short of time today so chose to do just one superset of today's routine and put some effort into it. I did mange a clear negative split across 1600m with the final 400m at an average pace of 2:11min/100m. That's not great but as good as I've done in a while. I'll make an excuse and say that for some reason the pool was rough, odd as there were only a few swimmers.

In terms of stroke rate I was around 28SPM without the pull buoy and a range from 23 to 30SPM as I upped the pace. Notably strokes per length increased markedly, 18 to 22SPL which is why the pace increase was only modest. I really need to work on keeping the power and distance covered per stroke as consistent as is feasible at these higher rates. At the slow arm turnover I'm covering as much distance as might be expected. Take a look at this.

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