Monday 13 February 2017

February 2017 SwimSmooth review

I was in Acton on Monday morning hoping to break my 8:00min barrier for the 400m time trial. Once again I missed by a few seconds. I'd agreed with Julian to use the TempoPro but couldn't keep with it. Somehow I was tired.

Later we explored pace and oddly, my easy pace at 51strokes per minute could develop into faster 1:52min/100m pace with a stroke rate of just 58SPM. Stroke rate in the time trial had been over 70 and this was clearly inefficient.

We've agreed to split training sessions into long slow ones and sprint ones. I'd found the gradual progression last block to be very tough although it turns out that I'd been setting a steeper line than Julian expected.

In terms of style points I need to:

  • reach strongly with left arm and delay its descent
  • aim right arm to 1 o'clock to reduce cross over
  • try to be aiming hands backwards at all stages of catch and pull

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