Thursday 16 February 2017

February 2017 Week 1 Session 2

In my new programme Session 2 is a long swim with options for breaks but no element of speed. So today, being a bit short on time, I decided to swim without a pull buoy and drag my anchor-like legs along.

Within my time limit I managed just under 1900m with a gradually decreasing pace.

I was well aware that I was fading by the end of the swim. 2km would have been easily achievable but I wouldn't have looked forward to 3km! Looking back at previous data there has been a great improvement in pace for 1500m swims:

06/02/17 2:38 min/100m (2:40 across the whole swim)
04/01/16 3:02 min/100m
05/03/15 3:35 min/100m
26/07/14 3:52 min/100m (estimated)

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