Tuesday 25 February 2014

Seems that foot is mostly OK

Until the last 1km of today's loop I wasn't aware of my 'stoned' foot which is very good news. On the final descent I was mildly aware of it, in no way could I describe it as painful; two toes just felt a little unusual.

I got a clutch of Strava 2nd and 3rd on segments showing that I was travelling at a very average pace for me. An interesting thing is that although no single segment was fast, I did appear to achieve a PB for the whole run. That shows a good steady performance more than fast spurts. Today's goal was to run without a problem after a heavy week and that has been achieved.

I'm wondering if I should make the additional effort to achieve the 200km monthly award or stick to my routine. If it were a longer month I would manage both but 28 days is 10% shorter than normal! Empty miles?

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