Saturday 15 February 2014


Will it ever stop raining? Perhaps it will tomorrow but I didn't want to break my habit of saturday being the opportunity for a long run. I've started a new 6 week cycle this week and so the Round Walk at 26km or so seemed to be a good place to start, longer ones can follow in a week or so.

As soon as I set off I felt tired and wondered how I'd ever get around. Perhaps it was the rain, lack of a long run last week or too much to eat during the week; or perhaps too little of something? I walked a few of the steeper ascents and resisted looking at my pace until I'd nearly finished. After the apparently hard start I thought I'd got on quite well as I didn't have any sore calf muscles and I managed to jog the usually horrid ascent to Brincliffe edge. The finishing pace was just within 6 minutes including a stop to remove twigs from a shoe so that was OK; especially since I'd had to make little detours to avoid a fallen tree and particularly deep mud..

A sign of Spring or harbinger of worse to come?
My moving average pace from Strava was 5:49min/km which is my best pace on the Round Walk which shows that my perception of pace is dubious and that a few short walking sections doesn't affect the average adversely.

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