Monday 14 April 2014

Still the right knee

I've seen the physio this evening about the ongoing knee pain, especially the irritating switch from left to right. In fairness, it has improved over the last few days but it is still not right. I feel either or both knees could worsen with the slightest trauma.

After a goodly amount of poking she still considers that I have a tendonitis rather than PFPS (I'm not going to hyperlink these as there are a nearly infinite number of online resources and nearly all have been criticised by someone for containing incorrect information) mainly due to the absence of pain when the patella is pressed into the leg. What is apparent though, and it applies whatever the diagnosis is that I've been returning to action too much and too hastily. Whilst an relative-rest recovery programme was the plan I've probably not focussed enough on the rest and have jumped forward with every sign of progress only to be beaten back.

The plan now is to do no running over the Easter holiday period although walking is allowed. hopefully that will leave me symptom free in a week at which point some slow, short, level runs can be attempted.

Whilst some evidence suggests that activity and strengthening can aid or prevent connective tissue problems around the knee, others suggest that there is little good evidence and that sustained, structured rest programmes are essential. I'm certainly of the opinion that I haven't rested enough!

But what about recovery, do vegans eat enough protein to ensure rapid rebuilding of damaged tendons? Or is a vegan diet protective? A quick Google search gives both arguments. I've not been much of a believer in the 'vegans don't get enough protein' story, and many share this view, although as I'm training harder the issue seems more topical. I've often worked around the 1g/kg body weight per day idea and this fits in pretty well with mainstream advice but I do wonder if my intake is that much. Certainly Scott Jurek's sample diet is a lot more protein-rich  than mine tends to be and I can't even fall back on the argument of eating 'lots of everything' as I'm not training so heavily.

However, I think I'll try a supplement as there are a few available including one grown in the UK.

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