Saturday 12 April 2014

What now!?!

Yesterday's walk home from work was marred by pain from my right knee. I'd had a hint of it just as I reached work in the morning but hadn't really thought much of it. On Thursday I had been quite upbeat as I'd managed a few squats at the Wednesday circuit and felt fine walking my usual 5km. In this context Friday's pain was a surprise and very irritating. I'd walked a couple of days in flat plimsolls and this seemed to have been beneficial but perhaps Friday was a near-barefoot day too far?

Today I decided that it was best not to do my saturday run in the hope that a sudden onset might be helped by a rest. I'm getting the impression that wearing the same walking shoes for too many days consecutively is too wearing at present.

I'm contemplating a swim but we'll have to see how, or if, that turns out...

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