Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Walking in Cornwall

We spent the Easter holiday weekend in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, hoping for some fair weather and good walks. On the walk to Zennor we spotted some seals resting on some rocks just off shore. They came to our attention due to their rather mournful 'ghostly baby' calls, nothing like the barks and such that I've found online although some of this video has some similarities.

We also spotted a pod of Dolphins rounding Cape Cornwall. Supposedly dolphins are common off the Cornish coastline but this is the first time that we've seen them.

Surf near Godrevy
Walking from Hayle to Hell's Mouth a handful of runners wearing varying degrees of trail running kit ran towards us at a gentle pace. I wasn't sure if they were pat of an event or not and a quick internet search hasn't revealed an event.

HDR image (still overexposed!) within St Uny church
I deliberately didn't take any running kit with me as I had agreed with the physio that my knees needed a thorough rest. But each day we walked somewhere and on Sunday I also went for a swim in the local 25m pool; so I've kept fairly active. I'm not sure how much my knees have recovered. I'm sure that there has been a reduction in the background mild ache in both knees and the right knee isn't 'noticeable', although I've noted some tenderness in the left quadriceps insertion.

I've eaten well and will probably have put on some weight but that's probably not a bad thing as I think I've been rather catabolic of late, which will have been complicating my tendonitis. At a recent hospital appointment I was only 65kg dressed which is rather lower than I've been for a while...

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