Monday 28 April 2014

No running makes a better swimmer!

At the swimming class I was slightly concerned that I may have picked up bad habits swimming without the watchful eye of a tutor over the holiday. Well that didn't seem to be the case which was good news. After a few warm-up lengths I swam some lengths without a rest and thought 'I don't have to stop'. So I carried on until 10! That was great and was only possible by going at a very steady pace and concentrating on good form. I tried again but stopped after 6 as the tutor was indicating to show that I was getting lazy finishing my stroke. After a pause and a few single faster lengths I did 10 again to prove to myself that I could, but carried onto complete 12. Amazing, 300m in one go. As before I thought I could have carried on for longer but a few faults were appearing as I tired. All in all though that has been the breakthrough that I've been longing for for many weeks. I found it hard to believe that with my fairly good aerobic fitness I couldn't manage to keep going in the pool.

I suspect that the lack of post-run fatigue was a major element but training twice a week for a couple of weeks in a rough 33m pool might also have had a positive effect. I hope I'll be able to repeat this alter this week.

Running is still off unfortunately although I'm to try the jog to circuits. One day I might be niggle-free again after 5km walking!

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