Monday 9 March 2015

Recovery 3.5 swings and roundabouts

A post-work swim segued neatly into a post-work date for pizza at the Student Union. They've vegan pizza on the menu and there's always some sort of special offer so it's excellent value.

The swim felt like hard work and I feared that I was falling behind on pace. I didn't do any drills but tried to minimise end of length pauses. In terms technique I thought about front quadrant arms, finishing the stroke and head position although these things probably disappeared as I tired. At least I was pleasantly surprised by a pace of 3:33 minutes/100m which is my best since June 2014.  I think I'll have to try a few back-to-back no pause lengths very soon in attempt to shake off the demon of pauses. My cardiovascular / aerobic system is not feeble, even if my upper body strength is!

Incidentally, my left knee is reporting that it did a run yesterday but not much. Any niggle is rather worrying though after a mere 2km. Will I ever overcome this issue too?

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