Saturday 20 June 2015

Carl Wark

Considering that tomorrow is the Summer Solstice the weather this morning was exceptionally damp and misty. Indeed ascending to Carl Wark and then Higger Tor I was basically in mist.

Capping stones on the ramparts of Carl Wark
Without a compass bearing I descended from Higger Tor to the road but went a little westerly of my goal. Fortunately there is a path alongside the road so I could run to Burbage Bridge away from traffic.

The total run was just under 24km and done in under 3 hours. In view of my heart rate restriction on 'long runs' and the near-scramble up to the uppermost sections of Carl Wark and Higger Tor a reasonable percentage of the route was walked.

Overall my legs were OK, a bit of soreness in my left hip flexor as last week and a return of irritation from the right peroneus ligaments. The latter does seem to be associated with some local tenderness and not just referred pain from triggers in the muscle body.

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