Friday 26 June 2015

Tough swim!

Today's swim session included some fin-based short sets in which I managed lengths in under 50 seconds without really trying. That shows why fins can be seen as a 'cheat'. However by providing drive I could focus on the front quadrant arms and even feel a little glide with the leading arm on a breath. Also the broad, floating fins lifted my legs and gave me a better feel for how my head should lie in the water.

After that I had to complete 3 sets of 400m. The splits on these were 12.3, 12.4 and 12.8 minutes; far more than the 10.4 minutes I achieved with Julian. I think I must have been really pushing it then! Anyway, even adding back in the 3 minutes of rest between these sets I managed an average of 3:22min/100m for over 1800m which is pretty good going as far as I'm concerned.

I did try to commit to the stroke and rhythm as much as I could and redoubled my efforts as I felt myself tire through a set. On the first set I did get delayed in the lane a little so feel I could have made 12minutes, but then again it wasn't a time trial!

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