Saturday 27 June 2015

Stanage edge

I wanted a change for today's long run but nothing so new that I'd need to bother with map.  This led me to do a loop with Porter Clough, Stanage Edge and Burbage bridge before returning via Houndkirk Road.

It was a glorious summer morning, a real change from the last few months and very welcome. The 28km run was hard going. I determined to keep my heart rate below 140bpm and to take walking breaks every 5 minutes to so, certainly therefore walking any key descents. Of course, on Stanage care is needed between and over the stones to avoid falling. I did succeed to avoid falling and the heart rate was fairly well controlled.

I was quite surprised that the pace came in well below 7min/km as I was really just aiming for 'time on my legs'. In terms of niggles there were the usual suspects; calf cramp developing after 22km, an awareness of my left patellar tendon from 10km or so and an irritating feeling from the ligaments of my right ankle. The latter is quite sore now I'm home and other areas of my foot are developing stiffness. I wonder if there was some effect on my gait that has made things worse?

I am wondering if the slightly lower drop of the new RocLite295 (6mm) versus the RaceUltra 290 (8mm) and RocLite 315 (9mm) has had a tiring effect on my calves? The RocLites have been well worn so I'd have thought that they would have lost a few mm on the heel anyway.

Composite image compiled from Inov-8's website

I'd not intended to wear the new shoes in with a 28km run but somehow the opportunity for a shorter trip never presented itself!

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