Thursday 3 March 2016

January 2016 Week 6 Session 2

Really the weather was too sunny and crisp to go to an enclosed pool but with the current state of my guts and ankle (both improving incidentally) I was swimming rather than running.

The core of todays sets was 300m with progressive pace increase for each 100m. In the first set I managed this well achieving a final 100m at a pace of 2:07min/100m. As usual I lost power across the session and could only achieve 2:17min/100m for the fourth 'fast' set.

A lovely increase in pace, even allowing for the pool's current
The key thing though is looking back to the start of this plan, over 5 weeks, I've managed to drop the warm-up time well below 5:30min and there's clear trend for the net 'real pace' to become a few seconds faster every week. My best 'fast' block in week 1 was at 2:15min/100m pace so I'm improved 5% over 5 weeks. If I can achieve that rate I will have achieved my next goal of 2:00min/100m with this programme.

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