Sunday 13 October 2013

More new shoes

My old road shoes are Saucony Rides; the version 6 is currently for sale but mine must be 2 or 3. They show some wear but not all that much as I moved on to Inov-8 trail shoes as my distance increased. Perhaps more importantly, the pattern isn't how I currently wear shoes as I used to use them with orthotics. Combined with my ongoing adaptation to low-drop shoes it seemed best to retire these and go for some new road shoes.

The local shop had a special deal on a pair of Brooks Green Silence and I came away with those. Subsequently finding online comments relating these to racing flats put me off a little but the eco-friendly and broad fit aspects remained attractive. It appears that they are now discontinued but have a loyal following of runners; some of whom do large mileages so they should be OK for my relatively short road hops.

Note the marked asymmetry in the design

This evening I took them for a sub-3km spin and they felt comfortable and fast despite the slightly tired legs. An easy 15 minutes but at least they didn't induce any new strains.

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