Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Garganta del Cares

Cares Gorge is a popular tourist destination and well described online. Despite its tourist tag it is quite a challenging walk in warm weather as the heat builds up in the gorge. The path is sound and wide and so even as a timid walker I didn't find it exposed.

Strong shadows due to relatively low September sun
I walked in my trail running shoes. Early on I though this a mistake as the path was quite stony but overall I liked their lightness and on the final descent they were nice and sticky. If your ankles are used to all day walking or running I'd suggest they are appropriate footwear in the gorge in fair weather.

The path is a lot higher than it looks here!
The marked shadows were an excuse to try triple-exposure shots for HDR and remapping but I was too lazy to set up a tripod. The results were good in my opinion and give an indication of both the terrain and the light.

Today's walk: 23km 350m

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