Sunday 7 September 2014

Walk don't run

This week I've recorded a notional 30km in my summary graph even though I've run under 5km. How can I do that? I've been in Spain and hiked around 84km which isn't a vast mileage but the walks were fairly tough in the ascent included. I estimate around 4000m of ascent and descent, the latter being the most punishing on my knees. As we hiked at a fair pace and in a degree of heat I've certainly done the equivalent of some Long Slow Days in terms of muscle loading and cardiovascular training. There is no physiological justification for the 30km, merely that it was my run target for the week.

I've returned home with delicate knees from the hill work and oddly the right is worst. That probably has been aggravated by banking it on a rocky lump on the first day. I'm at the physio tomorrow so hopefully I'll have a few knots smoothed out.

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