Thursday 22 January 2015

A few recovery days

My legs and ankles are in need of a rest yet again. On Monday the physio was of the opinion that my knees were improving, possibly due to the fact that I got confused with my various run allocations and gave her the most distance I'd done in any recent week for each day. That gave the impression that my regular distance is more than it really is, although I have done combinations of the distances outlined. Anyway, the advice was to keep it steady even, or especially if, I decide to enter an event.

Tuesday was road day and I felt in the mood to pick up the pace a little. As Strava now issue 2015 PBs I got a baker's dozen of gold stars which tends to over emphasise my progress. My observation was that the pace was fair, I sustained effort uphill and picked it up more than usual downhill whilst maintaining good form. Or so I hope! As some stretches were a little icy I was satisfied.

Last night was circuits and the run there and back was a little tricky as more snow had fallen, making slippery bits and ankle-pulling soft/hard spots. The circuit was a little more intense than usual due to a change in leader and I think that was hard on my knees. As last week, I did manage some squats and lunges but not especially deep. Still, that's more signs of progress.

Finally I was shocked how thin my legs are. Perhaps it's the running tights or perhaps I have lost thigh bulk. There's never been much muscle (or indeed fat) on me but is it reducing. As soon as I'm happy with two leg squats I'll have to get to work a bit harder build and strengthen my legs.

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