Saturday 17 January 2015

Quickly around the woods

Today was my third run of a rest week and so programmed to be well under 10km. I'd contemplated going to Langsett to do the easy run in Peak District Trail Running but the icy roads around the house made me reluctant to get the car out.

Something and nothing on the ground

It was far 'greener' to do a trip around the woods. The tarmac paths to the trails were slightly slippery and needed a little care but once 'off road' the grip was fine and not too muddy. A good combination. As it was short run I made a bit of effort to go faster and closer to what felt like 9/10 for a few sections and a good 8/10 for much of the trail. The overall pace was very modest, pulled down by caution on the pavement, but I did achieve a PB on a segment where I felt very comfortable. On this run this segment was about the 5km mark so I was well warmed up and perhaps ready for more; often I'm tired by this point with 20km under my belt!

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