Saturday 10 January 2015

Hard going round

The end of the week has been affected by string winds and blustery showers.

Leaving the house earlier today was a difficult decision as it was still dark and there was reasonably heavy rain. Within a few minutes though I was in a more sheltered area and the rain was stopping, over the next hour as the sun rose there were even spells of blue sky.

I'd decided to do some of the Round Walk to stay within an urban environment and keep off the fells in view of the foul weather. Even though I cut the route short my legs were tired after the half way point and I was fatigued when I got home. This week's cumulative distance is similar to last week and that of a few weeks ago but this week I have included circuits. As mentioned previously, the circuit class went week but I didn't comment that I had been able to do a high proportion of the squats and lunges. Thus there is a hidden extra workload for my legs.

Next week will have to be a relative rest week to provide an opportunity for recovery.

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