Wednesday 1 July 2015

Swim Session 10

This morning I was able to take an hour and a bit annual leave and pop out of work to do the #10 session in my programme. I must admit that I didn't use the snorkel, I've not worked up the courage to use that affectation in the Cofield pool as yet.

After the warm-up the kick drills went fairly well. The fins certainly encourage a small tight kick whilst adding a lot of propulsion. If I could maintain that speed without fins I'd be thrilled. Anyway, back to reality I then had 15x 100m sets to do with only 5 second rest intervals. Over the programme the rest intervals have reduced and I've tried to follow the shortening of the recovery pause. Looking at my data it appears that my rests are more like 15s but overall the pace was improved even though I exceeded 2000m in the session.

The timings show a slight decline across the 15 sets which isn't all that surprising. The last set was at almost a 4min/100m pace unlike the bulk of them at just a spot over 3min/100m.

So how is the stroke? Clearly I am building up aerobic endurance even though the speed is only changing in very small increments. The front quadrant style on a breathing stroke is improving although as I tire the arm drops more. In early sets I am improving my kick as I can feel my heels breaking the surface so they aren't drooping. Again they become deadweights late on. The early vertical forearm is perhaps the greatest challenge. Today, every so often I really felt the catch and backward press on the water but I think my arm was only slightly bent. When I get a greater elbow flex I think I do a short stroke and don't extend my arm prior to recovery.

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