Sunday, 27 December 2015

Damp but not flooded

Longnor is just beyond Derbyshire putting it off the winter tourist trail. It used to be a significant market town and has the remnants of 4 public houses to substantiate the claim. Now only one is open and the post office looks derelict.  Luckily there is a well-stocked convenience store.

It's a good base for hikes onto adjacent moors, which are low but lush and verdant. The grassy fields this year are saturated, with every footstep squeezing out a pool of water.  This isn't good terrain for keeping dry feet in running shoes even when wearing socks that were once waterproof.
I've run 10km and walked a little more. The wetness is actually rather unpleasant but nothing as compared to the flooding further north. It is noteworthy that the farms tend not to be in the base of valleys and a fair proportion of the roads are along the ridges.

I passed Chrome Hill which is looks so distinctive from Hollinsclough and must arrange to come back and climb it.

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