Wednesday 30 December 2015

October 2015 Week 9 Session 2

Overall I don't enjoy my swim sessions. I always get somewhat cold and I don't find much excitement in 60-plus lengths of the pool. However it is good non-impact upper body exercise and is ideal when I've an injury. It seems presently that I always have something not quite right in my lower limbs!

Session requires progressive increase in intensity and once again I found that difficult to achieve. In the first superset I managed well, the second tailed off and by the third I was too tired to keep up any decent pace at all. There are several things I've noted here:
  1. I don't think my endurance and power are increasing as fast as Julian might have though from the plan he's given
  2. I know when I am tired as I lose feel for the water and my arms just seem to pass through
  3. There's an optimum pace above which more effort yields little reward
My walk to the pool and then into town wasn't a problem for my ankle although I kept a slow pace and have been very careful when stepping down stairs. I've iced and applied gel twice. I'm hopeful that the sprain is mild and I can start strengthening soon - I've asked the physio for advice.

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