Thursday 24 December 2015

Recovering from sore neck

I've managed 2 swims since Monday when my neck started to settle down properly. I feel I've got back on form reasonably after my Spanish break. The warm-up 200m sets have been around the 3:00min/100m pace which is fine. Due to messing up the week 8 sequence I have done the Session 1 for weeks 8 and 9 after each other. In each one I've slowed markedly from first to last sets but stayed under 2:30min/100m average. My best length was 2:04min/100m pace, if only I could lose a second of so per length to achieve the magic (at the moment) 2:00min/100m!

Today I managed two lengths with fewer than 20 strokes and at good pace so I wasn't 'over-gliding'. They must have been good powerful strokes; I could do with knowing which lengths they were and aim to capitalise on whatever I did wit my arms.

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