Saturday 5 March 2016

January 2016 Week 6 Session 3

I managed to get the routine done today before the pool was reduced for the children's classes. That's partly because I shortened the pauses but partly because I did the sequence correctly without extra lengths.

Warm-up to the left and first slow/fast set
I can't claim to have done the routine well though as the slowing during the warm-up shows that I started off far too fast. The first 2 lengths are a fair pace though!  After 400m with the pull buoy I completed alternate 66m slow/fast sets and the pacing went well. For the first 2 sets I managed 2:04min/100m average across the 66m.

As is always the case there was a terrible drop across the session such that I was 20s/100m slower by the end.

It is clear that working to a faster pace takes a lot out of me and affects subsequent lengths. I think that I am managing to achieve a faster pace for more of the time.

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