Friday 11 March 2016

January 2016 Week 7 Session 1

I've been busy at work except for Tuesday evening when we went to a concert (and of course the Wednesday circuit!) and so I've not been able to go for a swim until today. That means I've had a good rest and went into today's swim feeling relatively fresh.

The warm-up went well with a total time under 5:30 and a good increase  in pace towards the end. The 7 sets of 400m didn't feel as far as they have the previous weeks, but still enough to feel tiring! I knew I was losing power and form during the swim and the figures show a clear reduction in pace and an increase in strokes/length. In fairness the first 4 sets were moderately consistent but it was in the last 3 that power really went down. That's after about 40 minutes, this is intended to be an endurance session.

Furthest ever, which felt uphill some of the time
The overall pace has improved by a few seconds each week since week 5 and the distance today was another PB at 3066m, so there is distinct progress.

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