Wednesday 30 March 2016

January 2016 Week 9 Session 3

It's still vacation time for the undergraduates so the Cofield pool was quiet late afternoon. Today's session was a combination of 400m at a good aerobic pace followed by alternate easy/fast 66m subsets. In the first 400m I managed to gradually increase the effort and achieved a full 100m at a consistent 2:05min/100m pace.

I did get the impression that this set was going well, I was steady with good long strokes and could really feel the water. I averaged 20 strokes/length. After this highlight I progressively slowed down! I managed to achieve a few seconds distinction between easy/fast 66m subsets all the way to the end of the session although my pace faded. The pattern was now where near as clear as in week 6 but overall I was faster, possibly due to being a little faster on the easy lengths.

I knew I'd worked hard as my arms felt distinctly tired on completion, so regardless of the time, I've had a good training session.

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