Tuesday, 15 March 2016

January 2016 Week 8 Session 1

This afternoon I didn't achieve any PBs but it was a fabulous session. The warm-up was only 0.5s slower than my PB and I thought I went leisurely.  Then the 8 'easy' sets of 400m were done gently and I didn't have much desire to finish; more wouldn't have been a problem. Better still, my pace faded less than it did last week giving a good result from an apparently lazy first few sets.

In terms of technique I was trying to reach well and also move my shoulders on each reach, all part of being relaxed, and not board-like, I suppose. Importantly I was thinking about not lifting my head and thus avoiding a 'slap' from the water after each breath. With good positioning and a long stroke it all felt more comfortable, even towards the end. It is very clear that the more 'effort' I make the less efficient I become.  For one or 2 lengths working hard makes me faster but after those I'm simply splashing.

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