Sunday 5 June 2016

April 2016 Week 5 Session 1

I was in Manchester today and did my swim in the 'new' Aquatics Centre.  I'd hoped to experience a 50m pool again but the timetable showed that it would be 25m. That means that I had to be fast!

The warm up was done in 5:02min which is a personal best but I don't think it counts in a short pool. Today's session was 4x800m, so a bit shorter than previously but in longer sets. Really the set length isn't an issue for me at all. My pacing was fairly consistent but building fatigue was evident from an increase in strokes per length through the session.

Importantly I did manage a few lengths at a pace faster than the 'magical' 2:00min/100m but not in a distinct block. The moving average of 2:15min/100m was pretty good.

The Centre itself was fine. The pool and changing rooms were cleaner than is often the case. The only oversight was the absence of shower gel in the shower area.

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