Sunday 12 March 2017

February 2017 Week 4 Session 1

Perhaps I started today's swim not quite as tired as usual as I only managed half a run yesterday afternoon. Whether that was really the cause, I managed to get a good pace throughout the session. All 16 'fast' lengths were under 2:00min/100m and 12 were better than 1:50min/100m. I've tried a final 100m set 'just to see' in previous weeks and repeated it today. Even though I'd already swum over 1km I achieved 1:57min for a 100m set. I'm pleased with that.

I did think about my stroke slightly differently today. I still aimed to reach with the left arm and aim for 1 o'clock with my right arm but perhaps not quite as far. I also thought about a high elbow, but not sure whether I achieved that! For the fast lengths I was around 68 SPM so I might have gained more by being bit more cautious there.

I think I might have a new PB with a length at 33.1seconds.

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