Thursday 16 March 2017

February 2017 Week 4 Session 3

I had a rucsac full of stuff today so didn't carry the pull buoy into work. I also had a limited time between work and a work-related evening meal so those factors set the scene for a modified session using paddles for my 'fast' lengths and a substantially reduced session.

The warm-up took 5:01 minutes, so faster than I've managed for the last few swims. Using the paddles was hard work and after 6 sets of 66m I felt my arms had taken enough load so my seventh set was done merely 'fast'. With the paddles I was working at 2:20min/100m pace and without around 2:30min/100m. Clearly the paddles didn't compensate for my sinking, anchor-like legs. I was pleased that the final fast set (well 2x 33m lengths with pause) without paddles averaged 2:16min/100m so I was clearly still putting in some effort. I felt that I was keeping my legs fairly high as even at the end I heard them breaking the water every so often. I tried a legs-only length which was very slow. I've not really been working on leg based propulsion even though I know their position is improving.

Currently I can't see myself using paddles for more than a few training lengths as my shoulders just aren't strong enough.

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