Sunday 26 March 2017

February 2017 Week 6 Session 1

I was tired from the minute I first got into the water, the slowest warm-up set in months! Anyway, that slowness might have worked out as I managed 20/21 'fast' lengths at better than 2:00min/100m. Really I should have done 20 so actually that could count as 20/20. None were close to a PB, mostly 36s or more per length.

SPL looking good too at 21 as a maximum even for the faster lengths near the end of the session. I am getting that I can put more force into the water and not just splash as I try harder. I think that I slightly shortening my reach but for SPL is constant or dropping there can't be much of a shortening. It does feel to me as though this slightly shorter stroke is giving me more feel and a bit more speed.

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