Friday 17 April 2015

Clearly tired

The sequence of Saturday (7km), Sunday (7km), Tuesday (9km) and Wednesday (5km and circuits) was tiring. I noted a 5bpm in my morning heart rate by Thursday and a distinct feeling of tired legs. Whilst I am aware of very minor knee niggles my right abductors are the most affected - that's after saying that the elastic used for abductor exercises wasn't as stiff as the old one! Really this is all OK, the calf cramps haven't reappeared (although I have been rolling and stretching fairly conscientiously) and as a rolling 5 days that's 28km. I accept that 28km isn't a great distance but after an undertrained 50km and a recovery week I'm still getting back into the swing of things.

At the weekend I'd really like do between 15km and 18km but I'm not sure if I should. If I do go aim for that it will certainly be at a low heart rate with regular walking intervals. Let's see how the abductors improve today.

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