Saturday 18 April 2015

Just in the National Park

Although I'm still 'recovering' I felt that I had to make something of today's lovely weather and committed myself to an 18km loop that just reaches into the Peak District. As this was my 'long run' I tried to keep my heart rate below 140bpm and mostly succeeded. I was also a little concerned about the potential of a calf cramp but that didn't trouble me until after 12km. It was fairly mild and settled with occasional stretching. That wasn't ideal but I did want to get out of the city and see the hills.

The pace was sub-7minute/km which is fine but I did note that my heart rate seemed to be have been a spot higher than one a previous run that I also did 'slowly' but actually a little faster! I think that is evidence that I am not in great shape. To a degree I was undertrained when I did the Canalathon as I was avoiding upsetting my knee and since it I feel I've been not 100%. This does fit the physio's idea that there's a day of recovery for every mile raced. I've still a few days of repairs left on that basis (I have been on the hemp powder after every run).

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