Saturday 25 April 2015

No run today

During Thursday the right ankle was a little troublesome when walking around outside although I didn't notice it during daily movement so it wasn't 'bad'. On Friday it was clearly better, but still detectable and on waking today the ankle was stiff. On this basis it was clear that it was recovering but  still not right. I'd been dithering whether this would be a 'rest week' or the third week of progression. The ankle irritation made it clear that a rest would be helpful in the long term.

So after a break of three weeks I went for a swim during which my short break was evident as my pace had dropped off a little. The 5km walk there and back was a bit of 'time on my legs' I suppose but not much!

In the afternoon I felt the need to do a little more and so completed the set of hamstring exercises given to me by the physio.

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