Friday 29 May 2015

10 day swimming break

It's been nearly a fortnight since I last went swimming and it shows. I went along after work today and found my usual 32 lengths to be very hard work and slightly slower than usual. At first I was trying to exhale more deeply but I have to say that at the pace I'm working it feels too much. As time progressed and my pace settled a gentler breathing pattern felt more natural.

Earlier this week I saw an online article commenting that whilst technique is important in swimming one mustn't forget strength and fitness. Today I really felt that both of those were lacking.

Throughout this week I've felt weak even though last week was a nominal rest week. Circuits on Wednesday felt tough - although I did the run there and back a little faster than usual. before that, I could barely face going out on Tuesday for a run and eventually cut it a bit short.

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