Monday 11 May 2015

Aiming for continuous lengths ... again

I've got a swimming lesson booked for next Sunday so thought I needed to keep up my poor technique! Also I'd read that the ability to do continuous lengths takes practice and a will to push on. So after work that was my plan. I did a dozen warm-up lengths at a mediocre pace and then set out to do joined-up-lengths.

I agreed with myself that I'd let form slip a bit to focus on not taking a break. Naturally I didn't aim for 1000m non-stop, I started with 2 lengths, that's 66m. I paused my timer whilst resting between pairs to get an idea of my pace. Or that was the theory, indeed I did pause the timer but hadn't realised that a pause didn't make a length mark as well. So really I've little idea of how many I did, I'd say at least 10 of these. After that I did 3 sets of 3 lengths (a whole 100m!). The 3rd lengths were rather scrappy but the main thing is that they happened. Moreover I felt myself regulating breathing during the 3 lengths, sometimes more exhaling, sometimes less; almost as if I was adjusting to to the load. Perhaps with single lengths your body can't get a clear idea of what it needs to do?

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