Saturday 9 May 2015

Slow to Oxstones

I'm in the second week of a block and wanted to have a week's total over 30km which needed me to go over 15km this morning. That's not much but I felt tired when I set off, possibly due to a tiring week at work including one late night working dinner. On that basis I committed to a run/walk programme but not focussing on heart rate. Just steady progress with 1 minute walks every 6 minutes and walking the ascents.

The weather forecast was poor so it seemed ideal to stay in the valleys or most of the time, just making the high point of Oxytones for a few minutes. I set off through the the parks from Endcliffe up to Forge Dam.

From the dam Porter Clough was as tough as usual and I was glad that I'd already allowed myself to walk. Once I emerged on the moors the headwind was ever so strong and made the stretch  to Oxstones fairly unpleasant. From the trig point though the wind was on my back and most of the journey was downhill.

I was satisfied to be under  7min/km including several photo stops and that my ankle hadn't been  a problem. Every so often I was aware of it, but nothing that made me think I was over stressing it.

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