Saturday 16 May 2015

Jacket on & off

This morning was one of those days with a hot sun and a cold wind. This dependent on my exposure to the wind and my effort I varied between too hot and too cold and put my jacket on and off a fair few times. The run took me via Devil's Elbow to Oxstones and was just under 20km. This is my third week of long runs so next week will have to be a bit gentler. As usual (now!) I tried to keep my heart rate below 140bpm and so walked the key ascents and didn't rush the descents either. After all I still have the dodgy knees and a slightly troublesome ankle.

Fresh spring leaves at Whirlow
It is hard to say that there is a major problem with my ankle as I've only felt the odd niggle but it is annoying me. Every so often I feel the show digging in around the ligaments of the peroneus muscles, my foot feels stiff and I find it hard to know how to place my foot. The toes feel slightly odd and I'm not sure where the neutral position is. I've had this feeling previously after catching a rock in my instep but on that occasion the effect on my gait caused contralateral knee pain. That's not a sequence of events I wish to repeat.

Now, some hours later the ankle feels 'tired' but is fully mobile and nowhere does it feel tender.

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