Monday, 25 May 2015

Gurnell Dubs

This weekend we visited friends in Kendal. It was suggested that I might enter the 30th Hutton Roof fell race but as it was a rest week and my ankle is still troubling me it didn't seem wise. From what I heard the terrain is a bit rough underfoot and not ideal for delicate ankles and feet.

On Sunday we did a hike up to the strangely named Gurnell Dubs which from Kendal via Garnett Bridge and returning through Staveley was a reasonable 23km.

Throughout the walk I was aware of trying to trend carefully and couldn't decide how to put my right foot down. This is hard work and very irritating until I managed to forget about it for a few km at a time. Really it was no trouble nor painful just not entirely trustworthy.

This morning I received a very thorough leg massage from one of the friends who is training as a Sport Therapist and at that stage of competence and confidence where you get good work executed very conscientiously. It's a pity he doesn't live a lot closer. All the usual suspects were tight, and now some hours later a bit tender, but I'm sure they'll be improved in the long run.

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