Sunday 31 May 2015

Back to Back

I've just completed a 4km road run which is nothing in itself but as it's after yesterday's long run it does feel slightly important. On Wednesdays I 'jog' to circuits after the Tuesday run but usually i don't run on consecutive days. There is an issue of needing rest days but there's the conflicting argument that long runs shouldn't make up too much of the weekly load. Sometimes these aspects seem impossible to square with each other.

I also changed the battery in my heart rate strap beforehand. I've wondered if there was an issue for a few months and bought a packet of CR2032 coin cells fro eBay but hadn't fitted a new one. I think it did help as the recording in the early part of the run was far more stable than it has been for a while.

Let's hope all OK tomorrow. I'm entering 'tiger country'...

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