Sunday 10 May 2015

Looking at HRV

By last Friday day my morning heart rate was raised by nearly 20%, presumably due to the sequence of long run; another run, circuits and a late night (with too much wine). Saturday's run felt tougher than I'd hoped so this morning I was surprised that my waking heart rate had dropped back halfway.

Midmorning I found time to chill for a few minutes and popped on the monitoring strap. I was pleased to see my heart rate was further reduced at its normal rest rate and the standardised HRV was 73 which is pretty average for me.

I doubt that the extra few hours had much of a recovery effect or that breakfast had been beneficial to that extent. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be starting afresh on a week and will be strong enough to do a 10% mileage increase rather than the step-back I'd thought looked inevitable on Friday/Saturday.

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