Tuesday, 25 August 2015

August 2015 Week 3 Session 2

Today's swim set was base on increments from 100m to 500m, the same as last week but with shorter rest intervals. Being in a rush, I managed to forget the 'technique focus' element which might explain why I was done in under 50 minutes. The watch mis-recorded 2 lengths across the session but I consider that the errors cancel each other out in the end! The rests were a little shorter than programmed which is fine especially as I was largely able to maintain pace from the beginning to end of the session. The pace was clearly better than last week, although that was after the long run! There is an improvement from Week 1 too.

At the end I did try some kicking whilst lying and noted that with my face down my feet were breaking the water. When I add arm action or move my head it seems that the feet become an anchor. Whilst it's great to zoom along with the pull buoy one day I'll have to try to get the dangling legs organised.

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